Website Localization

Website Localization

The internet is a powerful marketing tool for your products in other countries. So that your business attains great growth prospects, it is important that the description of your products are displayed in the language of your potential customer.

Localizing a website is the same as adapting its content to the customs, culture, systems of weights and measures, currency, date and time standards, and other variables of the country to which the website and the product is intended. We localize all the elements of your website such as banners, database content, graphics, images, and other multimedia components. We deal with the main file formats for the localization of your website, such as XML, JAVA, HTML, CSS, XHTML, ASP, FLASH, etc.

Translating your website, whether it being statics or dynamics, will be done by specialized translators in your market field so that appropriate terminology can be applied, in response to specific customer needs.


About Us

A Tradumedia International® was brought up from the need of specialized services in media and text translation for demanding clients with specific needs.

We have a highly qualified team in which our collaborators have specific graduations in Faculty of Arts and Translation.