Videogame Localization

Videogame Localization

The global market and the growing demand for games in the player´s language has boosted the gaming industry in recent decades. To localize a game not only involves linguistic transfer, but it´s a complex and challenging process. Although the game localization has some similarities with the location software, localize a game first requires that the translator has affinity to the genre of game that will be localized, learn the common language of the characters and preferably, that the translator be a gamer. That translator´s profile is important so the player has the feeling that the game was made in your own language, considering the naturalness in which we provide the translation. Technically, localize a game requires exchange of information among the areas of the game production. Especially the software engineering sector so that, in some cases, we can be aligned to customers that tends to release their locailzed games in countries where the game will be sold. Tradunedia International localize the menus, and game dialogs also create subtitles of the game (audiovisual translation).

We localize games in the following genres:





RPG (Role Playing Game)

Shooting games in first or third person

Simulation games


About Us

A Tradumedia International® was brought up from the need of specialized services in media and text translation for demanding clients with specific needs.

We have a highly qualified team in which our collaborators have specific graduations in Faculty of Arts and Translation.